Monday, 17 January 2011

On the Move....

This week is officially moving week so we're packing up (again), moving everything (again), embarking on a mammoth clean and sort out (again) and trying to figure out how the hob and hot water works (again!). I really sympathise with people whose jobs involve moving all around the country and frequent new houses - but then they are probably more organised and don't move to old run down wrecks!

The floors and a few finishing bits are still to be done but here's how its looking:
My craft room:

My bathroom:

and the family room / play room:

Its all pretty neutral - we'll put our own stamp on it when we've lived there a bit (and have more pennies to spend on it) but my craft room so far looks lovely and that's the most important thing (even if the painter was very negative about the lovely green I'd chosen - he opened the tin and demanded my DH ring me again to double check it was definitely correct and that I wouldn't prefer a nice dark green instead. DH said the guy was wincing as he painted it on the walls! huh the cheek!! I think its lovely!)