Sunday, 18 July 2010

Onslow Crop

A bit of a miracle - 3 layouts in one day (if you count a double layout as two separate layouts which I definitely do purely in order to boost my scrapping output!)

I had a lovely day yesterday at the Onslow Village crop. It was my first time there - the other ladies were very welcoming and Jackie hosts a mean crop (lots of cakes, yummy sweets, a deli opposite and tons of scrapping room - what more could a girl want?).
The other page I completed was ages old - from April 2009 but this double layout is my first with photos from 2010 - woohoo I am finally catching up! Once again I've blurred the faces of the other children - its not some new craze for photo editing that I'm trying to start :)

I used pretty much everything from my June Gotta Craft kit including the journalling tag and gorgeous mesh fabric. The chipboard letters are also covered with DeLovley papers from the kit. I think I will be buying some extras though as they will be perfect for sunny holiday photos too.

Monday, 12 July 2010

A bit of a challenge

I am gradually working my way through my 2009 album and am very nearly there now. Mind you it will take all of 2011 to catch up with the 2010 photos as I haven't even printed most of them yet let alone scrapped them.
I've left the hardest ones to last ie the boy themed layouts or the ones where all the photos are hurriedly taken and badly lit. My son's Laser Quest Birthday party fell into both categories so was second to last on the list!

As it was a school party, not just family, I don't have everyone's permission to put the photos up have blanked out some faces. The original photos aren't great either which is why it was so hard to do - that and the funny colours!!
He had a bright orange alien cake, a cow print table cloth and friends wearing either white or red. Honestly - you'd think table cloth and children's clothing manufacturers could consider the latest scrapbooking paper trends and churn out clothes and cloths in appropriate designs to match - preferably with pictures of owls on them!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Best Friends Always....

Its that time of year again. The end of the school year and for some a parting of the ways. I made this card for my little DD to give to her best friend in the whole wide world. From September they will be at different schools and I know they will miss each other a great deal.

They will still see each other at Brownies but its not the same as being joined at the hip for lessons, eating lunch together every day and playing rabbits or horsies every playtime. DS is moving schools too but is much more cheerful about the new adventure. I am sure they will both be just fine. It will be me that's still sobbing over their little class photos come Christmas. Its just so sad that they get old and grow up so quickly!