Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yet Another Paint Related Post...

This time using Grand Illusions Vintage Paints.
Similar in concept to the Annie Sloan, these paints require no primer and no sanding. Just paint and go. Well paint and wait really....but definitely no fiddly bits and not too much prep.

DD chose colour 25 "Charleston Vintage." Personally, I thought it looked a little dark but she was very decisive. "It's just more me," she explained and who can argue with that? Plus, once again, we already own something so hideous that no iffy colour choice can make it any worse.

Here is the before photo:
Note the attractive fake knot effect and overall faux pine sheen. 
Ignore the handles though because they're staying. Ten new handles cost far too much to replace but I did remove the backing on some to tone them down a bit.

The paint is much thinner than Annie Sloan so goes on very easily but is more prone to drips. The colour changes as it dries in a very alarming way. After the first coat it looked just awful and very patchy but the second coat gave a uniform, flat colour and fewer visible brush strokes than Annie Sloan paint. I guess it depends on what sort of look you're after and whether you use a brush or a roller.

I preferred the final stage with this paint: using clear varnish as opposed to waxing but only because I am never sure if I am applying Annie Sloan wax correctly. Water based varnish allows you to feel certain that the entire surface is covered properly and it requires no buffing of course.
Here is the finished chest of drawers back in DD's room:

Actually, I think she was right to go a bit bolder with the colour. Maybe I should leave all my paint shade dilemmas to her in future!