Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Annie Sloan Addict....

With half a can of Annie Sloan "Old White" left over from my fireplace and a chest of drawers kindly donated, I am up-cycling again.
Honestly, it is so easy. No sanding. No prepping. Just painting!

For an impatient up-cycler like myself this is totally ideal. I hate sanding. I'm not that keen on priming either but this was completed in just one afternoon. I waxed it the next day and buffed it the day after and it is being used already.

The obligatory before and after shot

The ceramic knobs are a bit of an eBay bargain. I went for mismatched not with any great design statement in mind but because I liked all of them and couldn’t decide.
I am eyeing up more furniture to paint. I don’t think I own anything that wouldn’t be vastly improved by a coat of Chalk Paint and the addition of ceramic knobs!!