Saturday, 5 February 2011

We're Getting There

...we're getting there seems to be my stock answer at the moment when anyone asks how it's going. In truth we have done a lot but there's an awful lot more to do. Much of this will involve me dragging the builder back by the scruff of his neck and standing over him whilst he finishes fairly crucial things like putting door handles on (I am fed up looking at blank doors and wondering which way they open) and boxing in wires and pipes and stuff.

Some of it is things we can do. We are becoming quite the little DIYers: building beds, putting up coat hooks (4 in 4 hours!), painting, removing window frames and using my new filling trowel! DH thinks we have slipped into some 1970's parallel universe as we spend weekends going to the tip and carrying furniture up and downstairs whilst wearing our "work clothes." On the downside I have no nails left. On the plus side I reckon I am burning 3000 calories a day just lugging the hoover around!

So here's the bed we built (hopefully it will stay up O.K). It was suspiciously cheap and had no instructions but DH is sure it is idiot proof. Lol I didn't like to tell him that this isn't necessarily a good thing!

This is DD's bedroom. Due to bizarre light switch / door frame shenanigans, she has ended up sleeping in an alcove behind the door which is bad feng shui but very good for fooling monkey monsters who peep in the door at midnight with the intention of stealing someone else's teeth to eat her with (DD informs me!)

and this is DS's bedroom. The builder was very sure that certain walls couldn't come down (hmmm!) so we improvised and made DS a walk in closet for all his stuff. It has worked out quite well and with our current lack of door handles he is able to trap his little sister in there and scare her witless about the monkey monsters which gets him into a lot of trouble but he still sees it as a bonus

Needless to say the kitchen, my craft room and all the other rooms are not sorted out at all yet and are still without flooring or full of boxes and bags and random assorted objects. But we're getting there!