Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In the Garden 2014....

A little annual update on the garden:
This time last year, I started to take a keener interest in our garden so I thought it might be nice to keep track of how it flourishes. Flourishes might be a bit strong. Doesn't wilt is more what I'm aiming for.

This time last year, the Magnolia tree was in full bloom but this year the flowers are long gone. It is still looking good though:
The Red Robin was growing well and continues to resist dying. This is good. I am not actually sure it has grown much though. Many of our neighbours have the same shrub so I think this must mean it likes the soil. I shall have to stick with it:
Not everything has been so successful though. Laurels are supposed to love chalky soil but are really not taking off. Hebes, which apparently tolerate anything, are looking a bit leggy and grim and there's an Rosa Alba in there too but it is getting prickly rather than big:

I planted lilacs only last year following my chalky soil guide and they seem to be coming along well. The dogwood went in the year before and looks healthy but not much bigger. I have no idea how fast these things grow:

 The clematis, which last year were too skinny to even photograph, have been making valiant efforts. I just don't think they can withstand the unique snail-exposed position combo that my garden offers them:
We have such ugly fences and I really wanted to cover them ASAP. Even ivy doesn't seem to grow. I am pondering getting Russian Vine (mile-a-minute vine) which I don't much like the look of but am desperate now for something to take off.

The front garden is a similar mixed bag although all of the good bits were here when we arrived so I am not sure how much credit I can take for them. The Calla Lily has gone totally mad. It must like wet winters:
The Acer Tree is as beautiful as ever. I just love it and leave it well alone. The bluebells are back and (my own addition) two wallflowers grew. That's 2 out of all the seeds I planted last year but I don't care, they look really lovely and must be very hardy indeed!

I don't think the roses are quite so happy though. Normally they grow all summer long but a lot of them seem to look a bit manky this year (a technical gardening term indicating either pest or disease). One of them looks fine but the rest seem a funny shape.
So that's the garden for this year and I shall leave you with a shot of happy wildlife out enjoying my front drive this morning:
Since ladybirds are lucky, I am taking this as a doubly good omen for the year ahead!