Friday, 26 August 2011

A very old fashioned holiday...

We are well and truly nearing the end of the holidays now and we've made the most of the traditional August weather (torrential rain this week) to do some old fashioned family things together.
Today was cake baking. In fact quite a lot of our activities have had a bit of a retro theme - mainly because its cheaper than doing modern activities! Even our cakes have an air of the 1960's cook book about them - green coloured butter icing flavoured with orange zest!!

We also had a few days at the seaside earlier in the month when the weather was sunnier. We went to Bournemouth and did all the things DH and I loved doing when we were kids namely burying family members in the sand, going for cliff top walks, playing the arcades and riding on minature trains.
You can tell my two are city kids though: "Why are those people waving at us? " DD asked as we sailed past the beach huts on our little locamotive. "They're being friendly," I replied. She didn't look convinced and neither did DS - around here people elbow each other aside and avoid making eye contact on any occassion that involves catching trains so waving happily at strangers was something neither of them are used to at all!

Here is little DD buried on the beach (she dug herself free though quicker than we could escape :))