Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Time - Yay!

It's that time of the year again and my advent swap parcel looks so festive. Thank you very much Santa Sandra for going to so much effort. It looks beautiful:
How cute is the little buckle? It works too and I am under strict instructions to reseal it each day to discourage poking and cheating :)

Day 1: I was very spoilt with ginger chocolates (my favourites), a stitch-able journalling sheet, white pen, very pretty advent calendar card and a sheet of real cork just the right thickness for die cutting. I've never seen these before and am going to love using it all - thank you Santa

Day 2: Gorgeously wrapped in kraft coloured tissue paper with snowflakes and a curly red Santa boot

Inside: Basic Grey Spice Market paper and a MME paper with frames all over the back that I already have plans for. I am loving my presents - thank you.


  1. Its soooooo exciting isn't it. All my gorgeous goodies are on the sofa and they're not moving! ... I like to look at them each day lol. What? am I actually meant to use them? x

  2. Sandra sent me over for a peep and I couldn't resist a bit of virtual present opening. That box is amazing!

  3. I've come over from Sandra's blog to see what your presents are! So exciting! Love what you have got for each other so far :)

  4. Thank you for popping over Sian and Becky :)
    It is just so lovely to get daily scrapping goodies in December and very exciting if I was poking and guessing at each gift too... which I'm not of course... no no no!

  5. That looks gorgeous and I know you've got more stunning things to come ;)

  6. Thanks Jo. I have been very spoilt already and cannot wait for the rest :)